Naturalize Whitening Facial Kit By Dr Bilquis Sheikh
Naturalize Whitening Facial Kit By Dr Bilquis Sheikh

Naturalize Whitening Facial Kit By Dr Bilquis Sheikh

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Your Skin Deserves a Herbal Hug!! Transform your skin with NATURALIZE Luxurious Whitening FACIAL KIT for a healthy, flawless, radiant & balanced skin just with 1 facial! A Proud Member of the Glow-Up Gang is here!!

BEAUTY FACT:  Facial kits are convenient and time-saving since they come with all the necessary products in one package.


  • Elevate whitening, brightening & radiant effects
  • Removes blackheads and white heads
  • Helps in skin whitening and pores tightening
  • Deeply cleanse out skin 
  • Removes clogged pores, oil & dirt 
  • Refreshes skin & balance skin PH
  • Removes dead skin & replenish moisture level
  • Help skin to look fresh & soft
  • Helps to achieve youthful looking skin
  • Reduce acne marks & exfoliates skin
  • Contour facial structure 
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Fades blemishes, scars and spots
  • Maintains skin collagen level 
  • Promotes calm and relax skin 


    1x Clay Mask 200 gm (Jar)
    1x Skin Food Cream 200 gm (Jar)

    1x Facial Scrub 200 gm (Jar)
    1x Facial Cleanser 200g (Jar)
    1x Vitamin C Face Wash 175 ml (Bottle)
    1x Cleansing Milk 175 ml (Bottle)
    1x Skin Pore Cleaner 175 ml (Bottle)
    1x Skin Shiner 175 ml (Bottle)
    1x Soothing Lotion  175 ml (Bottle)


    1x Vitamin C Face Wash (Twice A Day)

    1x Cleansing Milk STEP 1 (2)

    1x Facial Scrub STEP 2 (4)

    1x Skin Pore Cleaner STEP 3  (1)

    1x Skin Shiner STEP 4 (3)

    1x Clay Mask STEP 5 (6)

    1x Skin Food Cream STEP 6 (5)

    1x Soothing Lotion  STEP 7 (7)


    In general, you can get an at-home facial about once per month if desired. Skin cells typically regenerate every month, which means if you time it well, you can reveal the freshest new layer of skin precisely when it's at the surface.

    The facial kit comprises all the face care products including cleanser, scrub, toner, massage cream, massage gel, and face mask. It is insane of the ideal skincare products to sweep off all the dirt, excess oil, and impurities on the face while leaving an instant face glow.

    better to apply 2–3 times a week only to maintain the natural moisture of the skin too much of any face pack product can take natural moisture out from your skin and can also loosen your skin. There is no need to do it too often just do it 2 times a week for good results.

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