Diabego - Sugar Balancing

Diabego - Sugar Balancing By Dr Bilquis Sheikh

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Tired of dealing with pricks? Naturalize is ready to help fix your diabetic in the most natural way. Eat sugar less; live longer without distress, Sugar is good to taste but its excess could make your life waste! Let's Día-Beat This WITH Dr Bilquis Sheikh's Most Effective & Successful Diabetic Treatment

No more feeling tired than usual! No more losing weight without trying to! 

NATURE'S FACT: If not treated properly, diabetes could have serious complications and may result in failure of vital body organs.


  • Manage the blood sugar level effectively.
  • Help your body release or use insulin better.
  • Give your body the power to fight off disease.
  • Also keep your body from making too much sugar
  • Limiting the liver's ability to make and release sugar.
  • Reduced stress hormones and inflammation.
  • Reduce risk of heart attacks and stroke. 


  • Take ¼ tsp with water during or after a meal.
  • Polycystic patients & Pre Diabetic patients: ¼ teaspoon during meal




  • Lebbek tree seeds
  • Babool gum
  • Gymnema sylvestre
  • Java plum seeds
  • Bitter gourd seeds
  • Inderjo talkh
  • Caesalpinia bonducella
  • Triphala


    Guaranteed results appeared successfully within a month with consistent use.

    Unfortunately no! But women can intake their diabetic treatment during their nursing/feeding time.

    Yes, as the ingredients (herbs) used in the manufacturing of treatment are picked from nature and have numerous benefits to keep your body healthy and active today & forever.

    Take ¼ tsp with water during or after a meal.

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