Forest Herbal Tea - Reduce Weight |  600g For 1 Month By Dr Bilquis Sheikh

Forest Herbal Tea - Reduce Weight | 600g For 1 Month By Dr Bilquis Sheikh

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Eating the wrong food and not getting enough exercise? No time for healthy work out? Take a deep breath and congratulate your body for an effortless weight loss treatment. Mindless eating, frequent snacking and nutrient poor dietary should stop bothering you through Dr Bilquis Sheikh’s Naturalize Forest Herbal Tea. From Medical Conditions to sleep deprivation, a sip of tasteful Herbal tea is your one stop solution now.



  • Breaks down bad fats and calories more quickly.
  • Boost metabolism and lose weight effectively.
  • Cleanse out the body toxins and improves energy level.
  • Effective for weaker bones, lazy body and slow brain activity.
  • Helps suppress craving appetites
  • Reduce acidity and helps in digestion

How To Use:

Boil one cup of water, add 1 tablespoon of forest herbal tea into it. Allow it to boil. Once the tea is ready, strained the tea and drink it. 


600g of Herbal Tea for 1 Month

Active Ingredient:

Organic Thyme, Spearmint,Lemongrass,Senna Leaves, Sea Buckthorn Leaves.


Take Forest Herbal tea twice a day after a meal ( After breakfast and lunch). It also helps to improve your body metabolism throughout the day to attain an ideal physique.

When paired with a healthy diet and adequate exercise or at least 30 mins walk everyday helps in speeding up the results. Since all the ingredients use in the tea are pretty gentle to your body metabolism thus the tea contains no side effects and is very tasteful and healthier to use as well.

Up to 8 to 10 kgs lose with the consistent use of forest herbal tea within a month. Once your desired weight get lose you may discontinue using the product.